Detroit EITC

Quite simply, Detroit EITC has been educating the best electricians and the best electrical contractors in the world for over 100 years. EITC believes that technical and hands-on instruction combined with a strong work ethic that stresses productivity and responsibility, produces a more successful individual and a more successful electrical industry.



Start the Electrical Industry Training Center apprenticeship program and be on-the-job, earning wages in week one. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. The Electrical Industry Training Center’s combination of job placement, hands-on learning and technical classroom instruction offers a unique opportunity for motivated, committed, talented individuals seeking a career for life in the electrical trade. After certification as a Inside Construction Wireman, Sound Communication & Data Manager, or Residential Wireman, our graduates continue as highly successful electricians in the field, move into leadership or management roles and many continue their education to become specialists and engineers.


The Electrical Industry Training Center serves to educate electrical professionals for the electrical construction trade. The facility expanded its mission to include education and outreach for the business community and interested stakeholders. As an Energy Demonstration Center, the facility often opens its doors and convenes industry business and thought leaders for conferences, trade shows, product demonstrations, tours and robust dialogue. As electrical industry experts, the business and instructors at the facility seek to drive the highest standards for installation best practices, quality products, safety standards and education that assist stakeholders in making sound decisions around electrical technology.