The World runs on electricity and information technology. We provide the expertise and skilled installation team to successfully design, build, install and maintain key electrical, data and security systems for commercial, industrial, public and residential markets. We’ve been lighting up Southeastern Michigan for over a hundred years using innovative and effective solutions for our customers.


our contractors

We represent over 220 of the most successful and highly skilled electrical contractors in the region. Our contractors utilize the highly skilled, productive electricians of IBEW Local 58. You’ll find our contractors in every market sector making a difference for our customers on new construction, renovation of existing facilities and maintaining critical systems. By working closely with our customers and technology providers, we bring unique and progressive solutions to every job site


Bold – NECA Member

ABM Building Solutions
A.F. Smith Electric
Advantage Electric & Controls, Inc.
All Area Mechanical, LLC
Alpha Elec. & Engineering
Araneae, Inc.
Ashcott Electrical, Inc.
ASSA Abloy Entrance Systems
B&M Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Bailey Telecommunications, LLC.
Bayview Electric Company
Bluestone Communications

Brint Electric, Inc.
Camtronics Communication
CBRE, Inc. (Johnson Controls)
CEI Electric Co.
Center Line Electric
Center Line Technologies
Central Conveyor Co. dba

Electrical Insights
Chapel-Romanoff Technologies
Checkview (Iverify)
Compass Technology Solutions
Conti Corporation
Conti Fire Protection
Continental Electric Co.
Controls Solutions
Crook Electric Co.
Current Solutions, Inc.
Danboise Mechanical
Dan’s Excavating
Day & Zimmerman
DES Services
Detroit Power Systems
D.F. Best
Doublejack Electric

Duggan’s Construction Services, LLC
Ecker Mechanical Contr.
Edgewood Electric, LLC
Electric Motor & Contracting
Electrical Power & Design
Electronic Security Systems
Empire Products, LLC
Etgar Corporation
Expo Technologies, LLC
E-Z Electric, Inc.
F.D. Hayes Electric Co.
Ferndale Electrical
Fontanesi and Kann Co.
G4S Secure Integration 
Gardner Sign, Inc.

GEM Inc.
Gemellaro Systems Integration, Inc.
Gen-Co, LLC
Goyette Mechanical Co.
Great Lakes Auto Door
GSI Electrical Services
Guardian Equipment Co.

Hall Engineering Co.
Halligan Electric, Inc.
Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.
Herrman & Goetz, Inc.
High Tech AV, Inc.
High Voltage Maintenance
Holly Construction Co.
Huron Valley Electric
Hunt Electric Corp.
Hussmann Service Corp
Identify, Inc.
In2Gro dba
I2G Systems
Industrial Electric Co
Innovated Energy Controls
Instrument Sciences, & TEC
J&J Electric, Inc.
J. Givoo Consultants, Inc.
J. Ranck Electric, Inc.
Jet Electric Company
JMC Electrical Contractor
K & A Signs, Inc.
K & E Electric of Michigan
KEI, Inc Kereluk Electric
K.L.A. Laboratories, Inc
NZ Electric, LLC
LaBelle Electrical Contractors, LLC
Laibe Electric Co.
Lake Erie Electric
Lakeshore Global Corp.
LES two, LLC dba
Lakeland Electrical Services
ineside, LLC
Litcos Consulting, LLC
Markee Electric, Inc.
Master Electric, Inc.
Mattic, Inc.
McSweeney Electric
Metro Controls Inc. (Environmental)
Micro Electric
Motor City Electric
Motor City Technologies
Munro Electric Co., Inc.

Mutual Electric Co.
Newkirk Electric
Omega Electric, Inc.

Oscar W. Larson NMA Co.
Paradigm 2000
Pono Electric, Inc.
Power Design Electric, LLC
Powerlink Electrical, LLC
Precision Electrical Cont.
R.K. Services
R Simon Electric LLC
Rathje dba Bodine Electric
Rauhorn Electric, Inc.
Record Automatic Door
Renton Electric
RESA Service, LLC
Riverway Electric Co.
Romanoff Electric Co.
Roth Electrical, LLC
Rotor Electric Co. of MI
Sadler Electric
Service Controls Inc.
Saturn Electric
Shambaugh & Sons, dba Dynalectric
Shaw Electric
Shaw Systems & Integration
Shouldice Industrial Main & Contract
Slifco Electric LLC
Smith Brother Electric
Specialized Power Services, Inc.

Stellar Electric, Inc.
Stephenson Electric Co.
Streamline Electric, Inc.
Superior Electric Great Lakes Co.

Syenergy Engineering Services, Inc.
Telecom Technician, Inc.
Tered, Inc. dba Ott Electric
The Stanley Works
The State Group Industrial
The Talbot Corporation

Three Phase Electric & Technologies
Total Electric, Inc.
Tri-County Electric Co. of Washtenaw
Triangle Electric Co.
Turner Electric
UAW Solidarity House
Utilities Instrumentation Services, Inc.
Wade Trim Associates, Inc.
Walker Electric Inc.
Walt’s Electric Inc.
Weinstein Electric Co.
Williams Electrical
Williams Plant Service, LLC
Wolverine Fire Protection Co.
Woodard Elect. Services


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